When young women are coming up dead only one kind of guy can stop the immortal vampire from completing his evil plans of slaughter. That is another immortal who is condemned to walk the earth for helping kill a god.

Full Length Movie

10 Episodes

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John was once a roman soldier who helped crucify a god. For those actions he has been condemned to walk the earth forever. To make a living he hires himself out to assassinate vampire hunters for a local vampire drug lord.

Local girls are coming up dead and drained of blood. John, believes by stopping the killer he might get a chance at redemption and be allowed to be mortal again.

The killer, Rajah, is a vampire whose brother was killed before his eyes by the priest and hired vampire hunters. Out for revenge he kills young ladies and places them on the priest's door step.

John visits the priest to find out more information on the dead girls and finds help, but not the kind of help he expected. He cleans himself up from drugs as best he can and starts his journey to stop a serial killer.

To stop the killings, John realizes he must find out who the next potential victim is and befriend them. Then he can lie in wait for when the killer will strike.Type your paragraph here.


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