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Moon Landing

Videos expressing that the landing on the moon, the moon itself, and space travel are fake.


Plenty to get into here, but we will try and keep it slim. A few of these videos will introduce the different types of aliens already among us!


It is said to be the outer edge of the flat earth, and it is rumored to have fertile land beyond the ice, but it is guarded by the world's military.

Flat Earth

This theory is just like it sounds and we have a page of videos that question the current sphere earth belief. 

Mandela Effect

This theory is the idea that two worlds have collided and are living together in our space and time. Some people remember the past slightly different than other people.


This one expresses concern that CERN's smashing of particles is going to cause a big event or already has. it is believed that CERN may  be causing the Mandela effect.


The assassination of JFK has a lot of rabbit holes to go down. The videos on this page touch on a few, but also give a little overview.


This is the theory that a secret society is keeping things in order. A few videos give an overview and even shed light on how it all got started.




(the Godfather of backyard movies)

Full Length Movie

10 Episodes

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